5 dicas sobre Ambient Music você pode usar hoje

One of the most well-known events in the lofi music community is the “Lofi Hip Hop Radio – Beats to Relax/Study to” livestream on YouTube. This 24/7 livestream features a carefully curated selection of lofi music and has become a go-to destination for listeners around the world.

The act of sampling itself adds an element of nostalgia and familiarity to lofi tracks, as they often feature recognizable and cherished musical fragments.

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These downtempo elements provide a steady and comforting backdrop for the lofi sound, allowing the listener to sink into a state of tranquility.

DIY music predates written history, but "lo-fi" as it was understood after the 1990s can be traced to 1950s rock and roll.[33] AllMusic writes that the genre's recordings were made "cheaply and quickly, often on substandard equipment.

Lofi music events and festivals have gained significant traction in recent years, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their talent.

Individual artists also tend to have their own channels for broadcasting their music, whether on YouTube or SoundCloud. If you what something you like, it’s worth noting down the artist and searching for their channels to give the rest of their playlists a listen. 

MIDI Controllers: MIDI controllers enable producers to input musical Tire suas dúvidas no Zap notes and control various software instruments and effects. They provide a hands-on approach to creating melodies and harmonies, allowing for more expressive and dynamic compositions in the lofi genre.

These beats provide a solid foundation for the lofi sound, setting the tempo and creating a relaxed vibe that is perfect for unwinding or studying.

created by your brain. If you listen to two tones, each at a different frequency and each in a different ear, your brain creates an additional tone you can hear. This third tone is called a binaural beat. You hear it at the frequency difference between the two tones.

Meditation is the practice of calming the mind and tuning down the number of random thoughts that pass through it.

When listening to binaural beats, it’s best to sit in a comfortable place free of distractions. Listening to the binaural beat audio for at least 30 minutes each day in your headphones ensures that the rhythm is entrained (has fallen into synchronization) throughout the brain.

One of the most notable platforms where has thrived is YouTube. Many content creators and streamers have embraced the calming and relaxing vibe of lofi beats, making it a staple in their livestreams.

While streaming sites and modern music players don’t create a lot of noise that alters song fidelity, older mediums used to. Cassette players hissed, vinyl records scratched, CDs whirred, and all of them added some form of background static to the music. 

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